When the swimming season is over and the first cold spells arrive, it’s time to think about winterizing your pool to avoid unpleasant surprises when the warm weather returns.

Here are some tips for a successful wintering without worries:

    • Winterize when your pool water temperature is below 12 ° C. If you do this too early, it causes proliferation of microorganisms and turn your water green in the spring.


    • Clean your pool and filters with different specific products.


    • Treat your water with a shock treatment to your water is 100% healthy and rebalance the pH if needed.


    • Lower the water level to about 10 cm below the skimmers to avoid freezing in your pipes.
      Be careful never to completely empty your pool as you risk deforming or cracking it.


    • Empty the pump, filters, skimmer circuit, delivery,… because frost can damage the pipes.


    • Install anti-freeze accessories such as floats, gizzmo, caps, anti-freeze box, etc…


    • Remove the pump, the diving board filters, scales,… and store them against freezing.


    • Pour in the winter products to fight against lime, bacteria, algae and parasites.


  • Put down a cover that will protect against bad weather and impurities.